My name is Chris and I'm the founder of Let's Eat.

I was born in the late 60s in Melbourne to migrant parents and grew up in the outer northern suburbs. Food and eating was a must. With mums traditional cooking and the big feasts at family gatherings, there was no other option.  Everything was home grown and cooked - there wasn't the luxury of takeaway, packaged, processed, fast food. My dad had his backyard garden, and all year around the produce was picked fresh, and mum did the rest.  

Let’s Eat my mum calls out, and everyone surrounds the table. A table full of warm, hearty food, delicious, in abundance, and indulged with only smiles and the sounds of "eat more". For me, food captures it all; family, laughter, joy, music, conversations, love. Growing up, food was at the heart of being a family.  Any guest or friend that came around, mum always made sure was fed and left with food to take home! 

There is a world of stories like mine from the children of Italian, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Polish, Irish background and others who came here the same time as my folks did. And there are new stories written everyday by Vietnamese, African,  Indian, Spanish and other new  families to Australia. The aroma around the streets at dinner time all over Australia says it all. 

Now that I am older, busy like everyone else, lacking desire and maybe culinary skill, I'd love for Let's Eat to open the door to the wonder of home cooking, freshly  grown produce  and creative home made food products. 

How good would it be to be able to enjoy dishes and produce from other mums, dads, grandma’s and all the passionate cooks, makers and growers from around the neighbourhood?

I figure I'm not the only one.

I started Let’s Eat to enable access and sharing of  those foods, meals and products that make Melbourne the great multicultural city that it is.  To develop a community and to understand more about our neighbours and the cultures - through food.  There are so many passionate and talented cooks and producers where the only avenue to bring it to consumers is through farmers markets or one off events, and now we want you to have access to those products, meals and events wherever you are, through the Let's Eat app. 

Let’s Eat allows you to buy food from home-cooks, growers or producers around your local area, it also gives you the option to sell some of your best homemade food and produce to people in your area or community.

My hope is that we all not only get to taste more great food but to give the small producer access to you - the consumer - and to  bring the neighbourhood and community closer together over food.  To inspire more cooks, chefs, producers to show the community their speciality, their craft, their culture.  To get back to the real home of food.

Let’s Eat (Mangiamo, as fame, Hãy ăn, Hadi yiyelim, Comamos, 食べましょう, Laten we eten, Idemo jesti, ràng wǒ men chī, Kom ons eet, Ajde Jadime)- those simple words that every language uses to depict family, friends, food, love, laughter and passion.


This is the essence of Let’s Eat. 

Let's Eat!

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